More than 200 La Jolla residents are rallying around a “Neighborhoods Matter” call against encroachment by a proposed 7,000-square-foot Hillel of San Diego student center in their single-family residential neighborhood.

As proposed, the student center would feature a soaring, peaked roof that extends 30 feet above finished grade at the intersection of La Jolla Scenic Drive, La Jolla Scenic Way and La Jolla Village Drive.

“Members of the La Jolla community and other neighborhoods in the City of San Diego should come out and show their support for preserving this and other single-family neighborhoods in the City,” says Dr. Oliver Jones, Professor emeritus at UCSD and President of Taxpayers for Responsible Land Use (TRLU), a non-profit 501(c)4 organization dedicated to maintaining the community of La Jolla.

Rejected twice before—first as a 12,100 square foot project by the California Court of Appeals in 2009, and later in 2012 when the La Jolla Community Planning Association advised the City of San Diego against issuing necessary permits for a scaled back version of the project—area residents feel the student center encroaches on their single-family residential neighborhood, altering the character of the community, as well as adversely affects traffic safety.

“In a decade and a half of discussions regarding this proposed project, there has been little dispute of the desirability for UCSD students for a nearby Hillel student center,” says Jones. “The only serious dispute has been the location of the student center and its impact on the single family residential neighborhood of La Jolla.”

“We know that Hillel of San Diego is trying to be a good neighbor,” explains resident Richard Attiyeh, former Vice Chancellor of UCSD. “But the fact remains that their proposed student center—any proposed student center or facility of this nature—is simply not right for this neighborhood of single family residences.”

TRLU argues that the size of the building in conjunction with the proposed building materials and architectural elements will cause the student center to stand out from the existing single-family residential neighborhood—something that threatens the very nature or their neighborhood as well as introduces new traffic safety and parking issues.

Members of the La Jolla community and concerned citizens from other neighborhoods in the City of San Diego are encouraged to attend a scheduled April 27 City of San Diego Planning Commission meeting where the proposed student center will be on the agenda. You can also express your concern to the City of San Diego by email to [email protected].

For more information on the meeting and to keep up-to-date with latest developments, visit TRLU on Facebook or at www.trlu.org.