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The City of San Diego’s Staff Email
(Sweet Heart Deal?)

A price of 1.3 million will kill this deal which is not Jerrys {Mayor Sander’s] desire.

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On the 9th [City Council hearing] we will simply present a report supporting the $940,000 [new purchase price] with little if any backup or explanation…

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As you are aware, the public is very interested in this project and all technical reports can be reviewed/copied by the public. That being said, a revised biology report is necessary for consistency with the City’s [previous] determination that no mitigation is required for biological resources (raptors).

Read the report in its entirety.

The email mentioning Mayor Jerry Sanders is particularly revealing because at that time the Mayor’s office refused repeated requests for meetings with those opposed to the project.

The emails from Jim Waring suggesting how Site 653’s price might have suddenly dropped 30% (seemingly at Mayor Sander’s request?) can be found in the June 12, 2006 Initial Filing of Lawsuit document.

The “private” email from Laura Black to Hillel, seemingly requesting RECON to alter their report to remove evidence of potentially significant environmental impact before public review, can be found in the January 8, 2007 CEQA Opening Brief document.

Both legal documents can be found on the Legal Docs page.

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